Solange Knowles Calls Donald Trump's Hurricane Sandy Comments 'Insensitive'

Solange Knowles, the 26-year-old singer-songwriter who also happens to be related to Beyonce Knowles, defended President Barack Obama against business magnate Donald Trump, who has been vocal about the commander-in-chief proving his identity.

Last month, Trump took to his Facebook and Twitter accounts to announce a deal that he would make with the president.

"I have a deal for the president," Trump said. "If Barack Obama opens up and gives his college records and applications, and passport application and records, I will give to a charity of his choice, a check immediately for $5 million."

While Trump initially said the deadline for his offer would expire on Halloween, the business mogul who once expressed a desire to run for the presidency said Hurricane Sandy could buy Obama more time for his offer.

"Because of the hurricane, I am extending my 5 million dollar offer for President Obama's favorite charity until 12PM on Thursday," Trump tweeted recently.

The "Apprentice" reality series creator also raised eyebrows when he took to Twitter to speak about the hurricane ravishing the north east being good luck for the president.

"Hurricane is good luck for Obama again -- he will buy the election by handing out billions of dollars," Trump tweeted. "Not only giving out money, but Obama will be seen today standing in water and rain like he is a real President -- don't fall for it."

Knowles, 26, was one of many who expressed her disgust with Trump's tweets and decided to tell him directly.

"Have one. A seat. Any seat," Knowles tweeted in response to Trump's social media message. "Since when is a hurricane good luck for anyone? How insensitive to say regarding a time with so much distress and agony. @RealDonaldTrump"