Son Steals Dad's Corpse, Had Hoped for Resurrection

A son allegedly stole his father's body and took it home to await a resurrection of sorts, reports out of Detroit state. The 48-year-old son of Clarence Bright was arrested after allegedly removing his father's corpse from the local cemetery and taking it home to his basement.

Officer George Day told the Associated Press the suspect was arrested on Tuesday after police found an empty casket inside the younger Bright's van. That led to a search of his home, where they found Clarence's body.

"I never seen this before and we never thought he would go out like this," neighbor Terrie Gaines told Click On Detroit News. "It's obvious you know he lost his mind."

During the funeral, Clarence's son allegedly told those in attendance that they were going to die soon and that his father would not be dead much longer. He and a 38-year-old friend stole the casket on Saturday morning before taking it back home. They were only able to take the casket due to a fluke in the weather.

The ground that day happened to be too wet for burial, so funeral attendants put it inside the funeral home's mausoleum. Clarence's son was then able to use his van to collect the casket and make a clean getaway. Friends said that the son was certain God would resurrect his father.

When police found the son with his father's body, he was repeatedly saying, "Wake up daddy," Lt. Harold Rochon told Softpedia. "He was hoping for a miracle."

The body has since been returned to the Swanson Funeral Home for burial, and the younger Bright, along with his accomplice, is still being held by police. It is possible the son will undergo a psychological evaluation if prosecutors intend to press charges.

Leon Jones from the Swanson Funeral Home has described the situation as "very, very bizarre," according to the Associated Press.