Sony Alpha 9 Camera Specs, Price Review: New Flagship Cam Might Surpass Nikon and Canon

(Photo: Sony)A promotional image for the Sony A9 full-frame mirrorless camera.

Sony has just recently unveiled its new flagship camera, the Alpha 9. And with its impressive specs, some say it might top both Canon and Nikon.

Canon and Nikon have always been compared with each other. They are both highly competitive as well. Yet, it looks like the said companies should make way for Sony as it just launched a professional photographer's future go-to camera.

Sony introduced its new camera at an event in New York on Wednesday. Sony Electronics' vice president of digital imaging, Neal Manowitz, said the company's latest flagship camera will break though "all barriers and limitations" of the previous cameras ever made. He added that Alpha 9 will unlock an "endless amount of new creative potential." What is he talking about? Well, here are the deets to Alpha 9's specs.

Sony's Alpha 9 camera is the first ever to have a faster — or fastest, rather — focus among others; thanks to its 35 mm full frame stacked 24.2 MP CMOS sensor. It is back-illuminated as well. This means users can capture photos with a maximum amount of light while keeping the image's quality.

And what could be more exciting than Alpha 9's improved shutter speed? Compared with other cameras, Alpha 9 boasts continuous shooting of 20 frames per second (fps) with maximum shutter speed of up to 1/32,000 seconds. Thus, this might be every sports photographer's holy grail camera.

Sony also talks big on Alpha 9's vibration-free silent shutter. This means taking photos in the wild will be easier as no sound will scare the animals. And, it will also maintain a professional atmosphere in certain places.

With specs as remarkable as what Alpha 9 has, the latest flagship camera is rated to be the best of its kind. Alpha 9 will be up in stores on May for $4,500.