Sony to Bundle PS4 and PS Vita for $500 on Launch Day?

In another attempt to further the gap between the PS4 and Xbox One, Sony is rumored to be bundling a package that contains both the PS4 and it's handheld counterpart, the PS Vita for the same price as the Microsoft console.

Xbox One will be $500 at launch while the PS4 will retail for $400. The Vita goes for $250, but is due a price cut after being around for two years already.

For right now, the bundle package is just a rumor, reported, but along with many of the other options available from Sony, would seem like a great option and something to really put them over.

The PS4 will be able to utilize their handheld Playstation Vita as a controller for select games on the new console according to a Sony executive, which also makes the pairing a good idea.

Initial confusion had the Vita as a controller option for the PS4, and since then Sony executive Shuhei Yoshida has clarified the information on Twitter.

"HEY BRO!... Could you tell us if the PS Vita 'The Ultimate companion' Can be used as a second controller on the PS4?" a Twitter user asked, to which he responded, "Hey BRO! In a normal sense, no. Unless a game is specifically programmed to allow such use of PS Vita."

Sony, however, is promising that virtually every game coming to the console will be playable on the Vita as an additional feature and extension of the game not necessarily as a unique control for the console version, according to

Also, games that utilize the Playstation Eye or Move will not be compatible with the PS Vita.