'Soulcalibur VI' Release Date, News: Game Not Planned for Nintendo Switch 'for Now'

(Photo: Bandai Namco Entertainment)A promotional image for "Soulcaliber VI."

It looks like "Soulcaliber VI" will not make its way to the Nintendo Switch for its initial launch.

In an interview with Game Central, producer Motohiro Okubo said that the development started a couple of years before the Nintendo Switch was released.

Nobody knew anything about Switch back then.

However, he did hint that "Soulcaliber VI" might be released to the Nintendo Switch at some point in the future with Okubo himself expressing interest with the console.

So, as a matter of fact we are not working on Switch, as of now. But of course, personally, I'm interested in the platform. So if the Unreal Engine can adapt to Switch, and evolve itself, then maybe the possibility will be more.

"Soulcaliber VI" is confirmed for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC and it looks like it will stay that way for a while until the technology allows Okubo's team to add Nintendo Switch to the mix.

Meanwhile, Okubo talked a bit about the character Sophitia in a new "Soulcaliber VI" character breakdown trailer (embedded below) where he confirmed that this version is younger than her iteration in "Soulcaliber IV."

Sophitia hails from Athens with the sword and shield as her weapons of choice in the battlefield. Her fighting style is representative of the franchise on the whole:

She uses an orthodox style that anyone can control well. This makes her a highly recommended character, even for novices. I believe that many of you have already seen the trailer that was released... I hope that you're all quite excited to check out what fate has in store for her in this edition of "Soulcalibur." Sophitia and Mitsurugi were actually the first characters made during the game's development. We then used that as a foundation and made decisions for the other characters such as their movement, visuals, etc., based on how they would fit with Sophitia and Mitsurugi. I do think that we were able to model them in a very beautiful way this time, with some cute charm as well. I'd like our fans to kind of keep this in mind as they're having fun playing the game.

"Soulcaliber VI" is set for release sometime next year.