South Bronx Principal Exposed in Racy Pictures Amidst Credit-Swapping Scandal

While a South Bronx principal is under investigation for an alleged credit-swapping scandal, new photographs of the principal grinding on a dance floor while being doused in a chocolaty substance has many calling for her immediate removal.

Sharron Smalls, 43, who was the principal at Jane Addams High School since 2007, is also being investigated by the Department of Education for apparently granting school credits to students who never took such classes, according to reports from The Daily News.

“I cannot believe my principal would dance like that,” said shocked senior Christine Daniels, 18, who saw the photograph online, where it has also been making the rounds on email.

Smalls jeopardized the graduation eligibility of nearly 100 students, almost half of the graduating class.

“She doesn't want us to come to school with short shorts and then she turns around and does this,” said senior Tehrra Smith, 17. “It’s gonna be bad for college, very bad.”

Just 45 percent seniors at Jane Addams graduated on time last year. In 2011, the school earned Fs in every category of its city-issued progress report. Education officials said Smalls gave students’ chemistry credits for cosmetology courses and geography credits for tourism classes.

However, in apparent retaliation, students plastered the racy photographs all over the high school. The students found the pictures of Smalls on her Facebook profile.

“When you are in a leadership position in a school, you have to consider the potential downside of exposing your personal life on social media,” said Education Department spokesperson Margie Feinberg.

“This is a school that has for years performed far below citywide averages,” Feinberg added. “This is why we are considering phasing it out.”

“These photos are just another example of our leader’s poor judgment,” said Stephen Tavano, 58, who has taught mathematics at Jane Addams for 19 years and heads the local chapter of the teachers union.

“No matter how this turns out, principal Smalls needs to go,” he added.