South Park 'Obama Wins' Episode Another Hit?: Watch Here (VIDEO)

The "South Park" batch has become politically involved once again. In the next episode titled "Obama Wins" Cartman takes a special interest in the elections after attempting a heist of the ballots.

"South Park" creators were on top of things in 2008 when they released an election episode less than 24 hours after Barack Obama was named the next President of the United States. During the episode titled "About Last Night," Stan gets surrounded by his family of avid Obama supporters who all don shirts with the president's name.

The episode turned out to be a major hit, so the directors have now come out with a new episode in response to Obama's victory on Tuesday. The episode has been titled "Obama Wins."

During the episode, Cartmen alleges that he has something in his room that could possibly change the entire election. He shares the news with Kyle who receives him with skepticism.

"What if I were to tell you that I have something in my room that could change the entire election? Cartman asks Stan.

"Sure you do," Stan replies skeptically, to which Cartman responds, "But what if I do?"

"What could you possibly have in your room that could change the outcome of the election?" Stan asks. Cartman responds by walking over to door of his room. He opens the door to unveil an entire room filled with ballots.

The episode aired on Wednesday night and mixed not only the elections, but also the Disney buyout of Lucasfilm. The combo was a win according to some fans.

"Fortunately, 'Obama Wins!' brought out the big guns and delivered strong, mostly thanks to the serendipitous timing of two very important events: the 2012 General Election... and the Disney buyout of Lucasfilm," Matt Nicholson wrote on an IGN review. "Of course, when you really think about it, Matt Stone and Trey Parker would have been idiots not to combine these two topics for their season finale."

Watch the full episode here.