Southern Baptists In . . . Brooklyn?

 A Southern Baptist couple left their livelihood behind in Georgia for an urban, life changing experience after realizing their calling was to become pastors. Now their sole purpose is to plant a church in Brooklyn while getting their family adjusted to the big city.

Jon and Bonnie Carr's decision to move with their two young daughters last year stemmed from a 2010 New York City mission trip in which Jon felt a need to spread the word of God to a city that lacked a great evangelical presence. After spending seven years in ministry school and leading two Georgia churches, Jon understood his desire to plant a church and his concern for New Yorkers were the factors that defined his calling.

"It was God who stirred our hearts and shaped our desires to move to NYC. Over the course of two years God instilled within us a great passion for the city and urban renewal; as well as a deep burden for the people of the city," said Jon to The Christian Post.