'Southern Charm' Season 5 Rumors: Landon Clements Says She Won't Return for Next Season

Facebook/SouthernCharmBravoA promotional image for "Southern Charm" season 4.

Since its last installment came to a close, fans of the show "Southern Charm" have been patiently waiting for official updates about season 5. Although its creators have not yet given any word as to whether season 5 is a go or not, it looks like it is, but at least one of its stars will no longer return for the show's next run.

Recently, actress Landon Clements took to Instagram to let her fans know that she would no longer return for "Southern Charm" season 5, as she cited location issues as her major reason. According to the actress, she was transferring to the West Coast so she could fulfill her dream of being a real estate agent in Los Angeles.

While the actress said her upcoming move was the reason for her not joining the next installment of the series, there were some who wondered if her exit from "Southern Charm" season 5 was actually due to her desire to move to a different place or if it was because Bravo network did not extend her contract for the fifth season.

After her Instagram post, some people started placing nasty comments on her page. The actress was quick to block them, as she said: "I blocked those other people. Who needs that sort of negativity?"

Meanwhile, Thomas Ravenel recently hinted that "Southern Charm" might be renewed for another season when he said that fans would still get to see Ashley Jacobs in season 5, although he was not sure if a contract signing would be taking place soon. "Perhaps she could be seen at some events as my date," he said, adding that the actress might appear at parties for the duration of their relationship.

Bravo has yet to announce when "Southern Charm" season 5 will premiere. Until then, fans should take every rumor with a grain of salt.