Sparks Middle School Shooting: 2 Dead, 2 in Critical Condition, Suspect 'Down' in Nevada (PHOTO)

A Sparks Middle School shooting has taken place in Northern Nevada on Monday morning, with reports claiming that at least two people are dead and two others seriously injured.

(Photo: Google Maps)A Sparks Middle School Shooting has killed 2 and critically injured two on Monday morning Oct. 21.

Early information coming out from police did not provide many details, but it was clear that a tragedy had taken place and that at least two people had died in the shooting incident.

Washoe County School District Police did not offer the names or identities of those killed.

They did, however, confirm that the school is "all clear" and reported that the suspect is "down." However, they did not offer any more details about what had happened, and how the suspect was killed.

Spokeswoman Angela Rambo of Renown Regional Medical Center also confirmed that two young boys are in critical condition as a result of the shooting, in addition to the two dead.

Washoe County School District spokesman Charles Rahn says the middle school and next door Agnes Risley Elementary School were evacuated to Sparks High School.

Rahn reported that the middle and elementary schools will be closed Monday.