'Spellbound' Guides Parents Against Supernatural Influence on Kids

Children are becoming increasingly exposed to the supernatural which is being seen in nearly every kind of cultural medium including books, television shows, and films and which many parents are unaware of. A Christian ministry recently released a book to give parents guidance on supernatural issues and how to address it with their kids.

Spellbound, by Marcia Montenegro, was newly released to equip Christian parents to discuss matters of the supernatural with their children from a Biblical point of view. The guide comes as more Christians worry about the influence of such popular children’s "heroes" as Harry Potter.

The Harry Potter novels by J.K. Rowling have been reported as the fastest-selling books and the best seller in the history of children's books. All four Harry Potter movies, based on the novel series, have raked in at least $259 million at the box office. Additionally, children are further exposed to the wizardry and other supernatural elements of the popular novel series through video games.

An earlier survey this year by The Barna Group had found the majority of even Christian teens have read or seen Harry Potter with some saying it increased their interest in witchcraft.

"Parents need to be aware of the growing influence in our culture of the occult and the paranormal on children and teens," Montenegro said in a released statement.

Early October, one mother in Atlanta protested Harry Potter books and asked for its ban from schools.

Harry Potter, however, isn't the only one influencing young students. Television programs such as "Supernatural," "Charmed," and the mega hit "Lost" as well as big-screen movies such as "The Ring," "Dark Water," and "Boogey Man" have drawn large young audiences with their supernatural content.

Montenegro noted that the paranormal can also be introduced in the classroom or with friends at a sleepover.

Spellbound contains solid research and explanations for issues on the supernatural and provides Biblical responses. The guide also includes suggestions on how to talk to children and teens about these practices.

Montenegro was a professional astrologer involved in New Age practices including having a spirit guide, doing astral travel, and exploring numerology. Now a Christian, she speaks at churches and radio programs explaining why Christians must avoid certain practices and entertainment.

Spellbound is a new release by Cook Communications Ministries, a nonprofit Christian organization that provides discipleship resources for churches and families.