'Splatoon 2' News: Game's New Starter Edition is the Best Bang For the Buck

NintendoA look at the upcoming "Splatoon 2" weapon Dark Tetra Dualies used in the new Goby Arena

Gamers who have been holding out on picking up "Splatoon 2" would want to consider getting the game next month, as recent reports have revealed a new edition will be released by publisher Nintendo.

Nintendo has announced the all-new "Splatoon 2" Starter Edition, which bundles the full game with a 100-page strategy guide that provides gamers tips and tricks to crush the game, as well as two sheets of "Splatoon" stickers featuring all sorts of characters from the game.

Apart from the "Splatoon 2" Starter Edition, Nintendo has also announced that the game's most popular characters, Pearl and Marina, will be getting the amiibo treatment. The amiibo figures for the characters who dominate the Inkling music charts as the "Off the Hook" duo will be released as a two-pack set "later this year" for $24.99.

"Splatoon 2" will also be getting a new map called Goby Arena soon. This new map is a venue for Inklings to play basketball "competitively," as the folks behind the game's official Tumblr account emphasizes.

Much like what players would expect in a basketball stadium, Goby Arena has a full-size locker room, polished wooden court, concession stands, jumbotron, VIP seating, and even a memorabilia shop. In addition, the arena becomes an "ink-battle stage" on offseasons.

"Splatoon 2" is also getting a new weapon called Dark Tetra Dualies, which boasts four ink-ejecting nozzles that enable players to do up to four dodge rolls in a row.

Set to be released on March 16, this new starter edition is priced at $59.99, which happens to be the same price as the standalone game, so players should get more value for their money with this package.