Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2012: Is Kate Upton Sending Wrong Message?

The annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue has been known to launch aspiring models' careers, and now Kate Upton is hoping that this year will be no different. However, following Upton making the swimsuit issue's cover, some are asking whether that is the message she should be sending?

Upton, 19, from Melbourne, Fla., is the next model in a seemingly endless parade of women which includes Heidi Klum, Elle MacPherson, Tyra Banks and Brooklyn Decker. They have all graced the cover as the swimsuit issue's cover girl.

But although M.J. Daly, senior editor for Sports Illustrated, said Upton "embodies the sophistication and sexiness," the question still remains what examples are being set for impressionable young girls and also what shallow messages are being sent to the greater public.

This specific issue is seen by 70 million readers in all mediums such as print, on the internet and on mobile devices such as smartphones.

With ease of access to the issue young girls who see vanity and immorality played out in the media everyday cannot prevent outside influences from shaping their perspective of themselves when compared to those around them.

The models in this issue highlight and disguise what should be honored by casting those women in fantastical and seductive locations. This year they were photographed in Australia, Zambia, the Republic of Seychelles, Panama and Apalachicola, Florida.

But sadly there is no disclaimer that reads that one should be happy within one's own skin and not idolize those who would cheapen the value of a person.

There is no mention that we should treat and respect all people while encouraging everyone to be accepting and understanding of everyone else. Instead viewers see a romanticized image that only furthers the current mentality.

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition could do more but when glamour and fame trump good character and morally responsible living we are left living in a society with a void.