CoverGirl Jessica White Says 'There is Power in Celibacy'

Jessica White, model and Actress who has appeared in Harper’s Bazaar, Sports Illustrated and CoverGirl, has reportedly taken a vow of celibacy.

White, 27, said her love for God has propelled her to take the vow.

“When you really see how much God loves you there’s no greater love then that and I had to match that amount of love He had for me, which is the reason why I decided to take a vow of celibacy,” the actress told blogger Lauren Turner. “I’m not saying I’m always going to be celibate, I’m just saying that until there is someone that is worthy of my love and a reflection of the way God loves me then I’m not doing it.”

According to the model, her last relationship caused her to view physical intimacy in a different light.

“During my journey of my last relationship that really hurt me, that was very traumatizing, I stopped [sharing myself],” she said.

“I felt like if I wasn’t sharing myself physically, I would actually get a chance to see the downfalls of my partner. I would be able to minimize my intake of being disappointed.”

Although White said she has made the personal decision, she does not expect others to follow suit. However, the model was adamant about woman learning about the power that they have.

“I’m not saying it so that all women can rally behind me and say, ‘Okay, yeah a vow of celibacy.’ I’m basically saying this to give women the strength to understand that we do connect physically too soon at times and it isn’t worth it. Make the man wait and if he’s worth it then he will wait for you,” White told Turner.