Spurned Girlfriend Arrested After Beating Cheating Boyfriend In Public As He Grovels, Screams in Shocking Viral Video

(Photo: Screen Grab via YouTube/LouisGoodHK)A woman publicly beats her boyfriend for cheating on her in a Hong Kong Street.

A young Chinese woman who felt spurned by her cheating boyfriend was arrested last Friday after she publicly gave him a doggish beating in front of another girl with whom he was allegedly having an affair. And it was all immortalized in video.

The woman identified in a Daily Mail report as 20-year-old Cheng, was arrested on suspicion of common assault after a passerby took pity on the boyfriend noted as 23-year-old Chui by calling the police.

In a viral YouTube video Cheng accused Chui of bringing back another girl to his flat in Hong Kong and reportedly forced him to kneel in the street as onlookers watched an embarrassing interrogation unfold.

"Why did you keep asking her to go your apartment," asked Cheng as she shoved her boyfriend in the head, according to an English translation of the incident in the video.

She then repeatedly slaps him and pokes him in the face as he bawls and tries to explain. "Listen to me first before beating me," yells Chui.

His girlfriend, however, dressed in a purple blouse and black tights in the video, is only interested in his answers to the questions she asks.

"So did you ask her to go to your apartment?" she asks as his partner in the affair looks on without saying a word.

"You treat me like I'm not exist, and told her to go to your apartment," says the girlfriend as her boyfriend fails to come up with an answer and continues sobbing while wiping tears from his face like a child.

"So you don't know that you're wrong? Tell me why," the girlfriend continues asking angrily.

Failing to get a response, the girlfriend then grabs her boyfriend by the hair and delivers several stinging strikes across his face while scolding him for treating her as if she didn't exist.

The young man eventually screams at his girlfriend telling her she was slandering him.

He tells her he told the girl he is accused of cheating with not to come to his apartment and screams at her to corroborate his story but she only looks at him in silence.

"At least break up with her if you're not fighting back," advises the person who filmed the video during the incident. "I cannot watch this anymore," he continues as the man does not fight back.

Later in the video the man charges that his girlfriend had agreed that he could take other girls home but she vehemently denies it as a crowd gathers.

Baffled by what was unfolding before her, one woman from the group of onlookers blurts: "Wa? How could she do that when she's that ugly?"

The onlooker then continues trying to get the boyfriend to react. "Even your mom wouldn't do this to you right? Think about it. You cannot be a human like that for the rest of your life," she shouts.

According to the Daily Mail a police spokesman told South China Morning Post: 'Police received a report at around 5.10pm on October 4 outside 38 San Ma Tau Street in Kowloon City.

"Police who arrived at the scene arrested a female, aged 20 and surnamed Cheng, for common assault. A victim, aged 23 and surnamed Chui, was taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital for treatment."

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