Squatters with Grenades, Pig and Drugs Arrested

Two squatters were arrested in Florida after the homeowner discovered that they were living in the house. Police reported that they found narcotics, grenades and a pig in the house.

Police arrested Darin James Febus, 37, and Miriam Scott Bailey, 32, on drug and weapons charges. Additional charges could still be levied against the pair if tests determine the grenades are still active.

The homeowner, who is from New York, arrived to his home on Tuesday to find the pair in his house. After a disturbance, the police were called, and upon their arrival, they found cocaine, marijuana, a handgun, a shotgun and 10 grenades.

"On arrival during the course of that investigation they located some narcotics and a firearm on the scene. As the investigation continued they located what appeared to be six to 10 grenades," according to Miami Police spokesman Sgt. Freddie Cruz.

Bomb sniffing dogs and a team of Miami's bomb Squad took 10 grenades out of the house in a large metal box Tuesday evening.

"The grenades have been taken to a laboratory to see if in fact they are active. But that's still under investigation," Cruz said.

Cruz stated that it was possible "these individuals aren't legally renting, that they could be squatters."

Police evacuated residents from the neighborhood after the bomb squad was called, but police reopened streets that were closed to deal with the grenade situation shortly after 8 p.m., according to KVOA.

In related news, recently a man in Texas was removed from a foreclosed property after he filed a claim on the property.

Kenneth Robinson temporarily took ownership of the building after paying $16 to file the claim on the $340,000 home in Dallas.

Bank of America demanded possession of the house and told Robinson to either file an appeal or vacate the premises. He chose the latter.