Stacey Dash Hospitalized for Dehydration or Food Poisoning?

Stacey Dash was hospitalized Tuesday, and the 46-year-old "Clueless" star has had several stories floating around as to the reason. She has been released, and is said to be resting now.

Stacey Dash was hospitalized in Encino Hospital in Los Angeles for "dehydration," according to her representative- the very ambiguous term many celebrity representation uses for a variety of reasons. However, after stating the reasoning for the hospital stay, the representative added the possibility of food poisoning to report.

Dash's rep told TMZ that the actress had a meal on Sunday night, and that she "hadn't been able to hold down food or liquids … not even water." She may have had food poisoning as well, because dehydration is a symptom.

"Signs of food poisoning [include] pain in the stomach and signs your body does not have as much water and fluids as it should," according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

Encino Hospital staff treated the problem by using an IV bad to provide fluids to the 46-year-old. It was not stated how long her stay was, but her representative did confirm that she has since been released.

Stacey is "at home on bed rest trying to get stronger," the rep explained.

The confusion with the reports of Dash's hospitalization mystified fans, who wondered why the rep suggested food poisoning, dehydration, and fatigue as reasons the actress needed to be hospitalized.

"This sounds like it could actually be dehydration related, but why don't they call it food poisoning? If that is really what is going on say it, dehydration is code for drugs in Hollywood, so why use the term?" Carl questioned on the TMZ blog.

"That doesn't sound like simple food poisoning…" Mattie agreed.

Dehydration is "usually … code for drugs/booze/mental breakdown, but I doubt that is the case here," Ravenwolf added. "She looks fantastic for her age."