Stacie Juris Pants Photo and Arrest History Causes Internet Stir After Miss USA Pageant

Stacie Juris became one of the most searched Miss USA pageant contestants in history on Monday after a few details about the 22-year-old model surfaced on the Internet.

Stacie Juris may not have been crowned Miss USA on Sunday night, but she did become an Internet sensation. The hubbub was caused, in part, by details about the model's past.

It appears that Juris was arrested in 2011 for shoplifting charges. The charges prevented the model from competing in the 2012 competition, but they were dropped before this year's pageant due to a lack of evidence, according to A photo of Juris wearing a hockey jersey and no pants also surfaced on the Internet, creating further scrutiny.

Juris also built a decent social media following on her Twitter account. Before the winner was announced, she had acquired over 1,500 followers, many who were rooting for the former cheerleader to win.

"Never thought I'd ever follow a #MissUSA pageant, but then @StacieJuris came along. Do it big, Juris!" one fan wrote on the model's Twitter page.

"So excited to watch @StacieJuris kill it in the #MissUSA pageant!" another fan wrote.

But Juris was not the big winner on Sunday night. That honor went to Erin Brady, an accountant from Connecticut. The runner0up was announced as Mary Margaret McCord of Alabama.

While she disappointed to some of her fans, Juris appeared to handle the loss well. She posted on Twitter after the pageant that she was enjoying her time meeting with Donald Trump and attending the pageant after party with DJ Pauly D. Juris is a self-employed makeup artist with her own hair and makeup business called "The Queen Team."