Stacie Orrico Announces Return to Music After 7 Year Absence (VIDEO)

Pop artist Stacie Orrico announced her return to music after a seven year absence through her official Twitter account as she teased a return to the music world.

"OK. You guys have waited long enough. So here it is! I'm so excited!" she posted on Twitter linking to YouTube video announcement.

See the video here.

Orrico posted a video to YouTube to her explain her absence from music and what she's been up to in that time. She said she was busy moving to and from (and back to) New York, and just living out her twenties.

In the video, Orrico said she was back in the studio working on an album, and even went to acting school and will be pursuing that avenue as well.

Orrico will be performing her first online concert at on November 6th.

"Hey guys! Tickets are now on sale for my @stageit show! We'll be announcing some #toptipper prizes later this week!," she Tweeted

On the StageIt show, she will be answering Q&A's and giving away prizes along with other stuff. Her event will start at 2PM CST.
"Your response has been overwhelming! Thanks so much!" she Tweeted.

The 27-year-old was signed to ForeFront Records at just the age of 12. She released her debut album, Genuine two years later. Her next album, which was self-titled, sold over 500,000 copies, going Gold.

Her last album, 2006s, Beautiful Awakening, did not fair as well in the U.S. but she blew up overseas.

Since then she had appeared sporadically at shows, but was mostly quiet.

Her last post on Facebook before her big announcement addressed rumors.

"There's a ton of rumors going around that I worked with Katy Perry on her new album #PRISM. Sad to say, those are just rumors. But I am VERY excited for this new album of hers. That girl can SING!" she said.