Stacy Keibler Pregnancy Rumors, Expecting George Clooney's Baby?

Stacy Kiebler is reportedly not pregnant with George Clooney's child, despite ongoing speculation.

The 32-year-old former professional wrestler recently posted a photo of her stomach on social networking site Instagram, which appeared flat and toned, helping to refute widespread rumors.

A source close to the model, who has been linked to Clooney since July 2011, also said that the pregnancy rumors are "100% FALSE," according to

Kiebler, whose relationship with 51-year-old Clooney has boosted her publicity, is currently in Italy with the actor and the pair is said to be celebrating their 1-year anniversary.

The famous couple was photographed enjoying a boat ride through Lake Como where Clooney owns a lavish home before heading to dinner with friends.

Kiebler's tummy shot left some fans in awe of her toned physique, which she attributes to her role as a former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader and her passion for health and exercise.

"I started dancing and playing sports at a young age, and then I got into cheerleading and I've always had that. I go to Barry's Bootcamp, I go to Physique 57 -- every week is different for me," Kiebler previously told Us Weekly Magazine.

"But even at 15 I was going to the gym. I've just always been conscious of being healthy and I'm really very balanced. I like to eat a lot so I have to work out a lot to balance it out," she added.

Kiebler began her professional wrestling career as a part of the Nitro Girls in WCW (World Champion Wrestling) and appears to have maintained her fitness regime even after she retired from the sport.

"Sometimes I'll go to Barry's three times a week because it fits into my schedule better, and sometimes I'll work out with a trainer five times a week," she said.

"I also like boxing. That's an amazing workout … Summer is when I start getting in the groove of at least once or twice a week mixing in something like boxing. I just like to mix it up," she added.