Stacy London Reveals Eating Disorder, Weighed 90 Pounds at One Point

Stacy London, the fashionista featured on TLC's "What Not to Wear" has revealed her personal struggle with two separate eating disorders: anorexia and compulsive overeating. At one point the 5'7" star weighed a scary 90 pounds.

"I felt like I'd never had a serious boyfriend and I really wanted to be attractive," London told People magazine. Yet after receiving treatment from authorities and being hospitalized, London found the desire to eat again. Unfortunately she did not make healthy decisions and wound up becoming a binge eater.

Within one year's time, London saw her weight bloom to 180 pounds, which was another unhealthy weight for the formerly petite star. She began working out and monitoring what she ate in order to help drop some of the weight and, with the help of others, managed to get down to a healthy weight range.

She has chronicled her up and down struggle in a new book, "The Truth About Style," which will be released October 2.

"When you can talk about something and shine light on it, you're obliterating shame. And that to me was always the really hard part- to feel so filled with shame and having no recourse to thinking it could get better," she told People.

London, of course, has come to fame for telling others how they should dress and act in order to be taken seriously and respected. Her tough-love approach counters the softer act of co-star Clinton Kelly. The show is a major success, having launched in 2003 and providing over 240 transformations.

London is the latest celebrity to go public with her struggle to eat healthy. Katie Couric announced earlier this week that she too had struggled with bulimia; Couric did so on a special episode of her talk show "Katie" with actress Demi Lovato, who also spoke about her own eating disorders.

According to the National Eating Disorder Association, approximately 10 million American women suffer from some type of eating disorder.