Stallone Half-Sister Toni's Death, Family Tragedy Continues

Just weeks after losing his son, Sylvester Stallone has bid farewell to his half-sister Toni-Ann Filiti on Sunday.

The "Expendables 2" actor and his 48-year-old half-sister shared the same mother, Jackie Stallone.

Filiti had been battling stage 4-lung cancer and was getting progressively worse before she died surrounded by family, according to Radar Online.

The death was "somewhat unexpected," according to a source speaking to Radar, and Filiti was reportedly taken from an intensive care unit in the UCLA Medical Center and moved to her mother's home as her condition worsened.

In July, Jackie Stallone said her daughter was "conscious and responsive sometimes, but not really," and that the family still had high hopes for Filiti.

Alas, Filiti died Sunday evening in her mother's Santa Monica home just six weeks after Stallone's grandson Sage died of a suspected drug overdose.

"What a terrible month," said Jackie Stallone, 90, according to the New York Daily News. "First Sage and now Toni. It's hard. At least they're together now in heaven."

It was the mother that broke the news about Filiti to the famous actor.

"He said he can't take any more pain," said Stallone of Sylvester, according to the paper. "He said he'll always be there for her son."

Filiti was married twice and shared a son, Edd, with second husband Louis D'Alto, an actor with whom she co-starred in 1996's "The Appointment." They divorced in 2001.

On July 13, Stallone, 66, lost Sage, who was 36 years old. The cause of death has yet to be determined, and the results of the autopsy are pending.

Stallone admitted that the death of his son was "very tough" but continued to promote his new film "The Expendables 2" in order to stay busy.

The actor took a vacation in early August alongside his wife Jennifer Flavin and their three daughters, but was spotted back in Beverly Hills looking unwell this week, the Daily Mail reported.