Star-Crossed Newlyweds Driving Separate Cars Kill Each Other in Head-On Collision; Three Kids Orphaned

(Photo: Facebook)Nicolas Cruz, 31, (r) and his wife, Kristina Munoz, 26 (r).

Three young children are now orphans after their newlywed parents from Texas ended their bliss tragically when they slammed their cars into each other while traveling on County Road 87 near a small community called Odell, Wednesday morning.

A Times Record News report noted that at about 10 a.m. the husband, Nicolas Cruz, 31, was heading south in his 1990 Mazda and wife, Kristina Munoz, 26, was heading north in her 1999 Saturn when they crashed into each other. Texas State Trooper Tony Fulton also confirmed these details with The Christian Post on Friday, and explained that police were still investigating what caused the crash.

"There was a curve in the road in a small crest of a hill. When they came to that hill they collided head-on. This is a very narrow road, there's no shoulder marking, there's no center stripe. The troopers are still looking into it due to very little evidence that was in the road. The cars ended up in the ditch," said Fulton.

The couple, neither of which is believed to have been wearing a seatbelt, ended up in a ditch and were both pronounced dead at the scene.

The News explained that emergency crews had to use special equipment to remove the couple from their mangled vehicles.

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