Star Kicks Ball Boy During Soccer Match (VIDEO)

A 17-year-old ball boy was the recipient of a kick by Chelsea player Eden Hazard during a match in the League Cup semifinal. Hazard has apologized for the incident, which got him a red card, and the boy has refused to press charges against the player.

"South Wales Police interviewed the 17-year-old ball boy with his father after the game and neither wished to press any charges," Swansea's website stated.

The incident took place during a match at Swansea. Hazard was frustrated with the ball boy's ability to quickly retrieve balls that went out-of-bounds, according to CNN. When the boy fell on top of a soccer ball, Hazard moved in and sent a swift kick towards his midsection.

Hazard was given a red card, which meant that he was expelled from the rest of the game. Referees and players from both teams attended to the youngster, who stayed on the ground for several minutes, clutching his side.

"The boy put his whole body onto the ball and I was just trying to kick the ball," Hazard later explained. He then told the Chelsea website that he and the boy had had a "quick chat and the boy apologized. It is over. Sorry," he said.

Several football players, and Swansea's manager, have all weighed in on the ordeal.

"I think Hazard, who is a great player, will regret it when he sees it. The ball boy should have let the ball go but he was pushed first and then he kicks him. As a player when you are behind, your pulse is very high and sometimes you say and do things, you overreact. But there are some things you cannot do," manager Michael Laudrup told Sky Sports.

"I am probably going out on a limb here, but I would have done the same as Hazard," former Chelsea player Pat Nevin told "I've seen the footage from every angle; it is clear he just kicks the ball out from under the ball boy. It is the actions of the ball boy that upsets me the most. His one job is to get the ball back in play as quickly as he can and yet he was just wasting time."

Watch the incident HERE: