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'Star Trek Discovery' Season 2 Work Begins but Premiere Set for 2019

'Star Trek Discovery' Season 2 Work Begins but Premiere Set for 2019

"Star Trek Discovery" season 2 enters the pre-production phase but the new season won't premiere until sometime in 2019. Viewers, however, still have the second half of season 1 to look forward to since it will return on CBS All Access in January.

The second half of "Star Trek Discovery" season 1 returns in early 2018, while season 2 won't be back until 2019. | Facebook/StarTrekNetflix

Executive producer Alex Kurtzman told The Hollywood Reporter that an early 2019 premiere for season 2 is most ideal. There's an important reason for the long wait, though, which fans must understand.

"We want to take the right amount of time and don't want to rush," Kurtzman said. "We all said it was going to be worth the extra year and all of the delays. Yes, it will cost more than we thought but you're going to be happy when you see the product at the end of the day."

Kurtzman acknowledged that they made mistakes with announcing season 1's premiere too early only to be pushed back twice. The debut season of "Star Trek Discovery" was supposed to start last February, which was then moved to May until finally settling in September.

Meanwhile, pre-production for "Star Trek Discovery" season 2 started in mid-November after a confirmed renewal from CBS All Access a month before. The writers returned to work to develop the story arc but, as always, details remain a secret.

Part of the reason viewers will have to wait until 2019 for "Star Trek Discovery" season 2 is because the second half of season 1 will still be running beginning Jan. 7, 2018. There will be six more episodes for this installment and the finale will air on Feb. 11.

"Star Trek Discovery" will essentially go through a reset in its return. The U.S.S. Discovery crew has to find a way to return home since they warped in an unfamiliar space in the last episode.

The first nine episodes of "Star Trek Discovery" season 1 are still streaming on CBS All Access and Netflix.


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