Star Wars Episode 7 Movie Cast News, Rumors: Latest Updates Link Zac Efron to Play Jacen Solo, Darth Caedus

The Star Wars Episode 7 movie is already assured of being a huge blockbuster hit, and thousands are already searching for rumors about who will join the cast of the latest installment in the hit franchise. The latest updates on the cast indicate that High School Musical star, Zac Efron, could be drafted in to play Jacen Solo – Darth Caedus.

(Photo: Star Wars)

The news has had Star Wars fans giving feedback frantically on Internet blogs and forums, however, nothing official has been confirmed about the rumors from the filmmakers.

The rumors led to Ryan Seacrest asking Efron at the Oscars directly whether he was going to be involved with the new Star Wars movie.

Efron responded, "Is it true? I don't even know yet."

However, he then teased everyone by adding, "I guess the force is with me tonight."

Whether Efron was giving a clear hint that he was going to be involved with Star Wars Episode 7, or whether he was just teasing everyone remains to be seen. However, his comments have had thousands of Star Wars fans commenting on the rumors online.

Meanwhile, in other cast rumors, Girls star, Adam Driver, has been linked with a role on the Dark Side in the movie. The specific role has not been confirmed as yet, however, according to HNGN, "Warner Bros. had been seeking Driver to star in the Green Hat Films production 'Arms and the Dudes,' but the actor was reluctant to commit knowing that he stood a strong chance for a lead role in 'Star Wars.' Driver was forced to turn down a supporting role in 'Batman vs. Superman' for the same reason."

The rumors continue: "I believe Cumberbatch and Oldman were pursued for the same role, but I don't know how that will work out with the script changes, but I'm told they are both involved."