'Star Wars Rebels' Season 4: Ultimate Fate of Ahsoka Tano To Be Revealed

Executive producer Dave Filoni seemingly confirmed that Ahsoka will not be returning as a wolf
Star Wars official websiteAhsoka Tano facing off against Darth Vader in 'Star Wars Rebels'

Fans of "Star Wars Rebels" have been asking an important question related to Ahsoka Tano for a while now, and it seems that the fourth season of the animated TV series will finally provide the answer they are looking for.

As fans may recall, the second season of the show featured an emotional encounter between Ahsoka and her former master – the individual previously known as Anakin Skywalker who eventually became Darth Vader.

It was an action-packed fight, with an ending that left many fans distraught and questioning what had just happened.

From the looks of it though, it certainly seemed like Ahsoka had perished in the aftermath of the battle, while her former master was able to escape.

Perhaps owing in part to her popularity, "Star Wars Rebels" fans have had a difficult time simply accepting that she just died and that there is nothing else to know. Fan theories attempting to predict how Ahsoka may reappear have since emerged.

Last month, Gizmodo broke down one of the more popular fan theories that attempted to explain Ahsoka's fate. Specifically, this was the theory that hinted that Ahsoka has transformed into a wolf and may be seen again in the show in that form.

Unfortunately for fans who have bought into that theory, it seems that executive producer Dave Filoni shot that down in an earlier tweet with an illustration that noted that Ahsoka is "not the wolf."

Filoni did not stop there.

More recently, the executive producer gave fans a look at a scene that did not make the final cut which showed Ahsoka having a brief conversation with Bendu.

As Comic Book noted, the tone of the conversation does not seem to bode well for Ahsoka coming back alive, though since it was cut, perhaps there is a chance she managed to survive somehow.

For now, Ahsoka's fate remains unclear but she is expected to appear in Season 4 of the show somehow, so the answers fans have been seeking may finally be provided soon enough.

Season 4 of "Star Wars Rebels" is expected to premiere sometime during the fall.