Starbucks Baby Name: Coffeehouse Helps Parents Choose Jackson or Logan

Expectant parents in Connecticut recruited the help of Starbucks' enthusiasts when they were struggling to pick a name for their forthcoming child this week. Jennifer James and Mark Dixon of West Haven are awaiting the arrival of their first child, a son, who is due in September.

Torn between the names Logan and Jackson, the expectant couple turned to their local Starbucks, where they relied on customers' votes. Consequently, their story has captured the nation's attention after it was first published in The New Haven Register on Wednesday.

The parents-to-be and Starbucks regulars began a survey at the coffeehouse where customers could cast a ballot to determine their son's name, according to the paper. Customers were greeted with a sign that read, "Help is choose our son's [first] name, Jackson or Logan," and over 1,800 votes have been cast since it began on Tuesday.

Furthermore, James and Dixon say they have successfully selected a name- Logan Dixon, but also received several other suggestions as well.

"We've gotten Obama, Jebediah, Lincoln," said the 25-year-old mother-to-be speaking to New Haven's publication. "Someone put [a] write-in, Webster."

"Chaz, definitely not Chaz, sounds like a bully," Dixon added of the ballot results before naming the winner: "Logan- by far. At least by 400 or 500."

While the couple chose the name Logan over Jackson, the other special moniker will still be included as a middle name. James and Dixon plan to hang a poster in the Starbucks displaying their decision for customers to see.

Choosing a name is an exciting part of welcoming a child, and last year's top 10 most popular baby names included one of James and Dixon's picks- Jackson.

Nevertheless, Aidan and Sophia topped the list of most popular baby names of 2012.

Meanwhile, though Starbucks aided James and Dixon in choosing a baby name, the Seattle-based coffeehouse recently made headlines over raising their prices.

The price increase was announced on Tuesday, marking the first substantial price hike at the Seattle-based chain in nearly two years.

Fortunately, the price of drinks will only increase by an average of one percent and will not affect everything on the menu at Starbucks, according to Business Week.

The price of larger venti and grand-sized brewed coffees will not change, nor will the price of Starbucks' Frappucinos.