Starbucks Diaper: Police Called After Mother Changes Diaper on Table (VIDEO)

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(Photo: AP Photo / Michael Conroy)Customers place orders at a Starbucks Coffee in Indianapolis, Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2010.

A Starbucks diaper change has led to the police being called in an incident in Denver, according to reports out this week.

The incident took place at a local Starbucks in the Denver area when a woman began changing her child's diaper on a table.

The mother has since explained that she wanted to change the diaper of her 1 year old child in the rest room, but there was no changing table at the location, so she was left with no other option other than to change it at the table instead, according to KUSA.

The woman's husband has also described that one of the Starbucks' employees then gave his wife a rag, but spoke to her in a demeaning tone, and then went back to speak to other employees, laughing about it.

The outraged husband protested, and as things escalated he poured out his coffee over the floor of the establishment.

Police were then called to the location to help defuse the situation, but according to reports no one was arrested for the exchange.

Since the incident became more public a Starbucks spokesperson has confirmed that the company had apologized to the family, insisting that all the company's customers should be treated with "dignity and respect," according to the KUSA report.

Here is a video news report into the incident at the Starbucks in Denver where police were called after a heated exchange about a mother changing her baby's diaper at a table: