Starbucks Diet Helps Woman Lose 85 Pounds

A 66-year-old woman has credited Starbucks for helping her to lose at least 85 pounds.

Despite the fact that Starbucksis mostly known for its caffeinated beverages and has a large line of sugary sweets to supplement customer's daily fix, they also have a small selection of healthier choices. It is those healthy slated items that 66-year-old Christine Hall claims helped her to lose weight.

Hall isn't talking about just a few pounds either. Instead, she claims to have lost at least 85 extra pounds. Starbucks has "really healthy choices," Hall told MSNBC, adding that it's easier to keep track of her caloric intake due to the fact that Starbucks has nutrition labels on all of its items.

An extra 85 pounds thinner, Hall now reports that she is in much better health.

"Nothing hurts any more," reported to the news station. "I used to attribute some of my aches and pains to aging. I have no medical issues whatsoever. I just feel like a kid again."

Hall's meal break down is relatively basic. She has an oatmeal for breakfast every morning paired it a black coffee (no sugar or milk added). For lunch she alternates between the Starbuck's Bistro Box (which come in different varieties including cheese and fruit or protein), or a panini. Hall also rewards herself for partaking in a physical activity.

"If I go on a bike ride, I can come back and have a brownie!" she said.

Sounds too good to be true, some might think. But Hall in fact, is not the only person to have tried a "Starbucks diet." One man, Brett Bruce, has dedicated an entire blog to a similar diet in his effort to lose weight in 30 days without attending the gym.

But whether it is effective or not, it may still not be healthy.

"When you follow something that ... limits you to one particular restaurant, it's very difficult to be healthy and meet your nutrition needs," dietician Rebecca Scritchfield told the Huffington Post.

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