Starbucks Giveaway, 2-4-1 Holiday Drinks This Weekend

Starbucks is kicking off the holiday season with a special offer starting on Thursday and running through the weekend.

From 2 to 5 p.m. daily November 13 to the 17th, the coffee franchise is giving away a free holiday drink when purchasing one of equal or lesser value.

"It is a tasty way to kick off the season of giving," the website notes.

The giveaway is Starbucks' attempt to promote their seasonal flavors, including the time tested favorite Eggnog Latte. Among the other handcrafted holiday beverages is the Caramel Brulle Frappuccino, the Peppermint Mocha, and the Gingerbread Latte.

Furthermore, the holiday beverages are available hot, iced, or blended, and come in "skinny" variations using sugar substitutes and lower-fat milk. Customers can also create their own versions by adding extra coffee or whipped cream, using soy milk, or using a drizzle of chocolate flavoring.

The weather turning colder marks a perfect time for Starbucks to invite customers in with a special giveaway, and Twitter users are celebrating the iconic Seattle brand on Friday.

"I just had my first Starbucks holiday drink of the season and I am unreasonably happy," Jacqueline posted.

David added, "Man I could really use an eggnog latte for me and my frozen buddy here #sharejoy"

"This Crème Brulle latte is not bad at all," wrote Lou. "However, the gingerbread latte is my favorite holiday #Starbucks drink."

This week's holiday special closely resembles the Happy Hour offered at Starbucks earlier this year, an event that rang in Springtime and saw two drinks offered for the price of one.

Meanwhile, Starbucks was established over 40 years ago. The company claims a strong commitment to the highest quality of service to customers as well as the community, and its mission statement is "to inspire and nurture the human spirit- one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time."