'Stargate Origins' Release Date, Cast News: Ellie Gall Confirmed to Headline Cast

YouTube/Stargate CommandA still image of a scene from the official teaser trailer of "Stargate: Origins"

As the development of "Stargate Origins" goes into full swing, the cast of the upcoming series has been announced. The popular franchise that was launched in 1994 will make a comeback in the form of a digital series, which is set to air on MGM's streaming service Stargate Command later this year.

This week, it was revealed that the cast of the 10-episode series will be headlined by Australian actress and "A Midsummer's Nightmare" star Ellie Gall. In the series, she will play Catherine Langford, a younger version of the character that was introduced in the Syfy TV series, "Stargate SG-1."

Gall will star in the series alongside "Stargate Atlantis" actor Connor Trinneer, who will play the role of Catherine Langford's father, archaeologist Professor Paul Langford. In the "Stargate" franchise, Professor Paul Langford was the one who unearthed the Stargate back in 1929. Trinneer's role in the upcoming series is different from his role in "Stargate Atlantis," where he played Michael Kenmore.

Talking about her role in the upcoming series, Gall said the opportunity to portray the iconic character who was a young girl when the Stargate was discovered is once in a lifetime. "I'm thrilled to be a part of the Stargate family and I hope Stargate fans are as equally excited as I am about Catherine Langford's new adventure," she said.

Based on the official synopsis for "Stargate Origins," the series will focus on Catherine, whose life is shrouded in mystery, and it will dig deeper into the adventures that will eventually unravel the mystery behind Catherine's lifelong fascination with the ancient artifact uncovered by her father Paul in a desert in Egypt.

Aside from Gall and Trihneer, other confirmed members of the "Stargate Origins" cast include Salome Azizi, Philip Alexander, Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez, Daniel Rashid, Sarah Navratil, Shvan Aladdin, Tonatiuh Elizarraraz, Derek Chariton, Justin Michael Terry, and Lincoln Wener Hoppe.