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'State Of Decay 2' Will Not Have Microtransactions for Xbox One and PC, Undead Labs Head Confirms

'State Of Decay 2' Will Not Have Microtransactions for Xbox One and PC, Undead Labs Head Confirms

"State Of Decay 2" and its developers will not be giving in to the temptation of microtransactions. Jeff Strain, the head of the game's developer studio, Undead Labs, confirmed as much in a recent interview.

Unlike other big-budget titles that have since run into the loot box controversy, Undead Labs will not be turning to loot crates or microtransactions to entice players to pay more after they already bought "State of Decay 2." That's what Strain affirmed in a recent interview with IGN, promising that the upcoming zombie survival title will not be infested with in-game currencies or stores.

Undead Labs is straying away from the recent trend of adding microtransactions and loot boxes by not including any for "State of Decay 2," which is coming out in May for the Xbox One and PC. | Undead Labs/Microsoft

It has been a common practice among publishers and developers to add in-game stores, credits, loot boxes, and other means to get players to spend real money on in-game items or perks, as Gamespot notes.

Microtransactions have been a proven way to milk some more money from fans after they've already decided to buy the game, or even as the main way to profit from game development for makers of free-to-play titles.

That's not to mean that the "State of Decay" series was completely free of in-game purchases. The first "State of Decay," which came out for the Xbox 360, featured microtransactions as small as 99 cents, back then, for some in-game items including a gun, an SUV and a backup melee weapon.

"State of Decay 2," instead, will turn to offering more than one DLC packs after launch.

The video below is a preview of "State of Decay 2" as shown during last years Electronic Entertainment Expo, not long after Undead Labs unveiled the sequel. "State of Decay 2" will be coming out for the Xbox One and Windows PC, and will support Microsoft's Play Anywhere platform later, on May 22.


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