Stauskas 102 3-Pointers Video Goes Viral: Nik Stauskas Takes Up 5 Minute 3-Pointer Challenge (VIDEO)

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(Photo: YouTube/StauskasBasketball Screen Shot)Nik Stauskas shot 102 3-pointers in just 5 minutes in this now viral video.

Nik Stauskas has hit 102 3-pointers in just five minutes, stunning YouTube viewers with his accurate basketball long-range shooting.

Stauskas admits that he spends huge amounts of time in his backyard practicing his 3-pointer shooting skills, and he recently took it upon himself to try and break his record for number of 3-pointer shots in just five minutes.

In a viral video Stauskas has said: "This is Nik Stauskas and I'm going to try and beat a record of 96 threes in five minutes."

Stauskas then goes to the top of the arch and starts shooting non-stop for five minutes, hitting three-pointer after three-pointer in a stunning display of accuracy.

Stauskas, from Michigan in fact his 128 out of 142 shots in the five minutes, including 102 3-pointer shots.

The young man also had the support of his dad who rebounded for his son during the hoop fest, although over the five minutes the proud father didn't really have much to do, as only 14 of the 142 shots were missed by Stauskas.

This is in fact not Stauskas' first time uploading such a video to YouTube, and he has previously stunned viewers on the video sharing website by showing off his amazing three-pointer shooting skills.

In just December Stauskas worked his way around the arc, again supported by his faithful father, to show his skills, that time scoring 45 from 50 3-pointer shots.

The videos have made Stauskas a sensation and he is now gaining national attention for his shooting accuracy.

Stauskas told USA Today: We felt we needed to get out here and get a workout in on Christmas Eve … I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Enjoy."

Here is the most recent video where Stauskas makes 102 three-pointers in just five minutes:

 Here is the previous video showing off Stauskas' shooting skills, which went viral last year: