Stephen Baldwin Takes His Faith to the Celebrity Big Brother House

If "Big Brother" chiefs were hoping for some eyebrow-raising controversy on the last ever "Celebrity Big Brother," they must be pinning their hopes on contestants other than born-again Christian Stephen Baldwin.

The former hellraiser and now active evangelist is one of the contestants on the last ever television series of "Celebrity Big Brother," a spin-off of "Big Brother UK."

Baldwin stayed up late talking with fellow contestant Vinnie Jones and explaining parts of the Bible to him, before kneeling at his bedside to say his prayers at the end of the night.

Later, Baldwin and the other housemates got talking about religion.

He told them, "I tell you right now, what the experience in Heaven is going to be is so far beyond this experience. I can't wait to get there."

Glamour model Nicola Tappenden responded by saying, "I do believe there's a lovely Heaven but I don't think I'd take the Bible's law. I'll take peace."

Housemate and "Hollywood madam" Heidi Fleiss had a moan about him in the Diary Room, saying, "Right now I think Stephen's a bit of an idiot, but I could be wrong. He could be a really nice guy.

"When I was sleeping I thought I heard him preaching a bit and he was telling Sov (fellow contestant Lady Sovereign) how to get paint out of her hair … just maybe being a little bit instructing everybody."

In a conversation with Baldwin and housemate ex-Dynasty star Stephanie Beacham earlier in the night, Fleiss said she was thankful for abortions.

"I hope I never have babies. That would kill me. Every minute I'd be, 'Is the baby ok? I'd worry too much," she said.

"Thank God for abortion. I don't mean to offend anyone but I wouldn't be a good mother. I shouldn't have kids."

Other contestants on "Celebrity Big Brother" are Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood's ex Ekaterina Ivanov, DJ Basshunter and Katie Price's cage-fighter boyfriend Alex Reid.