Stephen King to Launch Liberal Radio Talk Show to Counter 'Right-Wing Bias'

Horror icon Stephen King is launching a liberal radio talk show to counter what he believes is a market over-saturated with right-wing, conservative voices in his home state of Maine.

“We wanted to shake things up a little it,” King said in a press conference.

“The Pulse Morning Show” will be co-hosted by Pat LaMarche, who ran for vice president as a member of the Green Party in 2004, and Don Cookson, a former television reporter.

“We’re a little to the left, but we’re right,” King said. “We’re going try to be informative, provocative, amusing, and try to be a positive force in the community.”
LaMarche said the show will be a way to “stand up to bullies.”

“Nothing is more fun than standing up to a bully and there’s an awful lot of bullying going on right now,” she said. “And they bully people that really matter. Little people without a voice of their own.”

The show will launch on September 12 and on that day will begin collecting gas and grocery gift cards for the Wounded Warrior Project to help veterans, servicemen and servicewomen and their families, The Bangor Daily News reported.

King will launch “The Pulse Morning Show” on two radio stations he owns in Maine. The show will air 6-10 a.m. on weekdays and online at