Steubenville Rape Case: Student in Video Forced to Leave University, Apologize for Actions

A college student seen in a video posted after the alleged rape of a high school girl in Ohio has publicly apologized for his actions. Michael Nodianos was caught on film making jokes about the alleged assault and even though he has not been charged with any crime, his life has changed.

"After some somber reflection, he is ashamed and embarrassed himself. He's sorry to the victims and his family. He was not raised to act in this manner," his lawyer, Dennis McNamara, said at a press conference.

It's a completely different statement than those made in the video, which was posted online and brought to light by the hacker group Anonymous.

"Why isn't she waking up? She's dead. They peed on her. That's how you know she's dead, because someone [expletive] on her. She is so raped right now," Nodianos said in the video.

"He had no firsthand knowledge of anything," McNamara told reporters. "There were three witnesses, at least at the location where the alleged crimes occurred, and all three confirmed Michael was not there. He has not been subpoenaed or asked by either side to be a witness in the pending juvenile case."

Nodianos' behavior may not have landed him in any legal trouble but has caused plenty of anger and consequences. His Twitter and Facebook accounts were hacked, as well as his email, according to The Daily Beast. He was also forced to leave Ohio State University, where he was on an athletic scholarship.

"There were people trying to find his class schedule at OSU, trying to access him there. Some have even been at the dormitory during the fall term looking for him. He sincerely regrets the behavior. He was not raised to act in this manner ... it really is just poor judgment," McNamara explained.

The trial for the two defendants accused of rape is set to begin on Feb. 13, but it may be delayed since their attorneys have asked for a change of venue, given the intense nature of the case and public sentiment in the town.