Steve Harvey Breakdown: Comedian Named Host After Emotional Moment (VIDEO)

Steve Harvey has been announced as the host of next month's NAACP awards. The honor comes just one week after the comedian underwent an emotional breakdown during his daytime talk show.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People will host its 44th Annual Award Ceremony on February 1st. Comedian Steve Harvey has been announced as host for the evening.

"I'm honored to be hosting the 44th NAACP Image Awards, and celebrate the variety of film, TV, literary, music contributions, and special honorees this year," Harvey said in statement on the organization's Facebook.

The significance of the honor was highlighted last week, when Harvey broke down in tears during his daytime talk show. For a special birthday episode, the comedian was reunited with a couple that supported him before he became a successful entertainer.

Rich Liss and his wife Becky reached out to Harvey via a satellite conference during the show. The couple first backed Harvey financially when he began in the carpet business and later, when he attempted to travel as a comedian.

"I was struggling," Harvey explained. "I didn't have nothing. And these people took me in."

The comedian then made an emotion filled promise to fly the couple down to see his show live.

"You bet on me man," Harvey said. "I never forgot it."

The NAACP Image Awards will honor others like Harvey, who have struggled against adversity and continued on to become notable figures within motion pictures, television, recordings and literature. Awards are also sometimes extended to political figures.

"We are proud to celebrate the artists and activists who use their craft to share positive images of our culture." NAACP Chairman Roslyn M. Brock stated in a recent press release. "The artistic community is an important ally for social justice, and the NAACP Image Awards provides an excellent venue to recognize those who make a difference through art and activism."