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Steve Harvey 'Sold His Soul to Donald Trump,' Claim 3K Demanding His Show Be Canceled

Steve Harvey 'Sold His Soul to Donald Trump,' Claim 3K Demanding His Show Be Canceled

Comedian and TV personality Steve Harvey recounts how he gave a terminally ill man ,000. | (Photo: Screencap/"Steve Harvey Show")

Anti-Trump activists are trying to get Steve Harvey's nationally syndicated morning radio show taken off the air, and are accusing the comedian of "selling his soul to President Donald Trump," after meeting with the president to discuss ways to improve inner city neighborhoods earlier this year.

The petition calling for Harvey's dismissal was posted on in January and has been signed by only 3,000 people since. The post, created by Street Media, has been continually updated to include controversial stories about Harvey, such as a response to offensive jokes he's made about Asian men daing white women, and a recent staff memo in which he requested that employees not approach him without first making an appointment because he wanted some privacy on the set.

"TV Host Steve Harvey is the latest victim of a Trump Tower meeting, and most recent African American celebrity to sell his soul to current [President] Donald Trump," the petition claims.

"It's deeper than boycotting Steve Harvey, but it will start here. This is also the American people refusing to accept the trickery and deceit of our modern day Barry Goldwater, Donald Trump. We aim to have 'The Steve Harvey Morning Show' removed and replaced with something all listeners can enjoy from Asian to African-American."

Aside from the petition, Harvey has received a great deal of criticism from Left-leaning celebrities for meeting with the president.

Among those who criticized Harvey publicly for his meeting with Trump were fellow comedian D.L. Hughley and rapper Clifford "T.I." Harris. According to Harris, Harvey was being used as a pawn for Trump who had a hidden agenda for the highly publicized meeting.

The Christian Post reported in February that Harvey was perplexed by the response from his "so-called friends" for his willingness to meet with the president and other community leaders to discuss ideas to solve problems facing Americans living in the inner cities.

"So many of my so-called friends have just eaten me alive for going to meet with the president of the United States, which is mind-boggling to me because if you understood what Trump and I were meeting about, you'd probably be quiet," Harvey said on his show last February. " But since you don't you just comment about it."


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