Steve Jobs as FDR: Lost Apple Commercial Unveiled (VIDEO)

A previously unreleased Apple commercial starring none other than Steve Jobs himself, has just been revealed to the public.

While the commercial had previously been shown during company meetings, with snippets of the video being released here and there, this is the first time that the public has been made aware of the full length video. The commercial, titled "1944" depicts Steve Jobs dressed up as one Franklin D. Roosevelt. Also in the commercial is Mike Murray, then vice president of marketing.

"Millions are held captive by enemy machinery, wasting hour upon hour, processing processes, thinking about thinking, accomplishing ... nothing," Jobs said in character during the commercial, pointing out other computer brands like IBM.

The commercial is apparently the second part to the original, which first aired in 1984 during the Super Bowl. The "1984" George Orwell commercial was largely credited with bringing the Macintosh name to the wider public.

"One Mac can change a person's way of life. Imagine the power of many Macs tied together in the MacIntosh office. Imagine the power of Mac offices multiplying around the globe, the power to smash the Big Blue monoblob," Jobs character states.

Listening to Job's words 28 years after the commercial was first developed is almost eerie. The very first Mac was introduced in 1984, back when Steven Jobs was just a nerdy looking guy with a seemingly bogus idea. In 1984 the cost of a single stock with Apple was just $25. At its peak this year in April, one stock at Apple was worth $639.

The film was saved by Craig Elliot, who worked for Apple from 1985 until 1996 before starting his own tech company. Paul McNamara from Network World brought it to the public after requesting a copy of the footage from Elliot.