Steve Jobs Dead: Christian Artists Testify Apple Mastermind's Influence on Music Industry

Christian artists and musicians throughout the industry were saddened to learn of the death of Steve Jobs and took to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to express their condolences and gratitude toward the man of many accomplishments.

Amy Grant, Christian crossover superstar since the 80s, posted this message to her Facebook:

"We are sad to hear of the passing of a true visionary – Steve Jobs. Our thought [sic] and prayers go out to the family and friends of Steve Jobs. In the wake of his passing, let's remember that he said he didn't want to be the richest man in the cemetery, but rather the one who could put his head down on his pillow knowing he had done something wonderful. RIP iMan"

Pop/worship hit makers MercyMe used Twitter to express their feelings saying, "Saddened by the news of Steve Jobs' passing. Truly a great innovator of our time. #mm"

Christian rapper, Andy Mineo, who recently signed to Reach Records, spoke of Jobs with a little humor, "RIP steve jobs. We all benefitted from your technology and impeccable fashion sense #TuckedInHalfTurtleKneckSwag"

Indie up and coming hip-hop group Freestyle Fam, consisting of rappers, Quest the Wordsmith and Redeemed, recently posted a status about Jobs on their Facebook,

"As an apple iphone, itunes, and ipod user i kinda can't thank Steve Jobs enough haha. As an artist i honestly cant give enough credit where it is due about the efficiency of apple products. Never had a problem with them and they always continue to expand the horizon technologically. There innovation has definitely taken my artistry, musicality, and marketability to the next level. -Redeemed"

The Christian Post was able to contact Quest the Wordsmith of the group through email, and he he shared the many ways Apple products help him through his day, "Steve Jobs was a revolutionary human being on the innovative front of culture and technology. The iPod has become a part of my lifestyle, replacing for the most part my cd's," he said.

"Instead of taping a cd player with beats to my radio, my ipod has my whole collection of beats, and comes along with the huge radio we use to freestyle the gospel on the streets on New York. Its rare that technological innovation on this level of influence comes along. Genius."

The impact Jobs has had on the Christian music industry, let alone all music and the world, is clearly evident as the outpouring of love and praise keep coming.

Besides creating and then reinventing the Apple company, Steve Jobs revolutionized the entire music industry with first iTunes and then the iPod leading to a whole new way music is listened to and distributed.

Jobs was released from Apple in the mid 80s, but after a down period for the company he returned in 1997 and shortly released an all-in-one computer, the iMac.

The company continued to build on the computer’s success and in 2001 he created the iPod mp3 player to upload music off of iTunes.

It allowed a person to have their entire music library in their pocket for the first time ever.

The iPods became smaller as the GB grew larger, and then the iTunes store was created, a one stop shop for all music needs.

The mp3 and iPods became more important than the CD, and the user was able to make their own playlists and albums in seconds.

Artists now rely on iTunes to sell their albums digitally because the CD is becoming too inconvenient these days.

For the economic artist like the rappers in Freestyle Fam, iTunes is a cheaper way to get their music heard without having to produce and distribute physical albums.