Steve Jobs is Dead at 56, Apple Legend Dies of Cancer

Former executive, chairman, and co-founder of Apple Inc., Steve Paul Jobs, has passed away at the age of 56 on Wednesday Oct. 5.

The inventor and entrepreneur, has forever left an impact on the world's technology scene and how we use everyday devices.

By simplifying designs, ridding flaws, and creating practical gadgets, Jobs was able to feed the imagination of the consumer looking for the next big thing.

Building from the ground up, Mac's and "i" products use all of their own programming and software and yet can crossover to Microsoft and virtually all other products.

The company has become the most wealthy in the world, making well over $65 billion a year. This is all after a struggling Jobs jumped back on board after an 11-year absence from the company when they were losing an average of $2 billion a year.

Jobs started the company when he and co-found Steve Wozniak meet in college and became friends with similar interests in technology.

In 1976 they launched the Apple Company with their first computer, the Apple I. The Apple II came out in 1977 and quickly became the first successful mass selling home computer that was easy to use.

From then on the company was up until a crash in the late 80s that saw Jobs fired, and the company watched company rival, Microsoft and Bill Gates become the monopoly of the computer industry.

When Jobs came back in 1997, Apple was on the verge of collapse until he created the iMac, the first all in one everything computer.

From the iMac, the company went on to create iTunes, iPods, iPads, iPhones, and has now successfully surpassing Microsoft.