Steven Tyler and Erin Brady Split: 'It's Over For Good This Time'

Steven Tyler and Erin Brady, the rockstar's fiancée of one year, have officially split up, according to reports. Although the couple is remaining amicable, the Aerosmith frontman will not being getting married, it seems.

"They're still friendly but they're going their own ways," a source close to the couple told The New York Post's Page Six. "The engagement is off."

The news, while not too shocking- Brady did not spend the holidays with the rocker and his family in Hawaii over Christmas, according to Daily Mail- seems final.

"It's over for good this time," the insider explained.

Tyler, though, has not confirmed the news himself, with his representative stating that they have "no information to report." Even more private are the 64-year-old's reason for leaving his 39-year-old former fiancée; reports point to animosity between Brady and Tyler's family, however.

"Steven was just not that nice to her in the end," Page Six reported. "His family and entourage never really accepted her and she can do better."

Despite the couple's long-term relationship- Brady was dating Tyler for five years before becoming his fiancée about a year ago- previous reports suggest that the family never warmed up to the Aerosmith jammer's potential third wife.

"They didn't like Brady," a source told TMZ in 2011 of the family sentiment. "She's just not nice. She's just been mean to the family."

Discouraging reports aside, Tyler seemed ready to be married to Brady and change his ways.

"I don't want to hurt anybody again," Tyler told Oprah Winfrey in an interview in 2011. "For all the divorces I've had, I've hurt those girls deeply. There was some behavior that I'm ashamed of and I shouldn't have done."

As late as March last year, Tyler was willing to discuss future wedding locations, suggesting Thailand or Hawaii, where he first proposed.

"It's going to be way over-the-top romantic," he told Life & Style magazine then.

Now the plans seem to be over for good. Tyler has been married twice before: Cyrinda Foxe was his wife from 1978 to 1987, and Teresa Barrick was his wife from 1998 to 2006.