'Steven Universe' Video Game Update: RPG Set for Release on PS4 This Month

Facebook/Steven Universe/Cartoon NetworkA promo image for "Steven Universe," as featured on the Cartoon Network show's official Facebook page.

Game developer Grumpyface has some good news for "Steven Universe" fans. Earlier this week, Grumpyface CEO confirmed that the "Steven Universe" video game would be out on consoles starting this month.

Titled "Steven Universe: Save the Light," the upcoming video game serves as a follow-up to the "Steven Universe" mobile game titled "Attack the Light," which was released in 2015. Recently, it has been confirmed that the fan-favorite cartoon series on Cartoon Network is soon becoming an RPG, featuring a stronger connection with the original series than the mobile game.

In a recent interview with the CEO and director of Grumpyface Studios, the executive teased that the upcoming game would offer plenty of new things to the "Steven Universe" world. "[Show creator Rebecca Sugar] had a vision for how this could fit in, and we're so happy to be able to have our own little take on 'Steven Universe.' You're gonna find out a lot of extra little things about the show from the game, I think," he said.

"Steven Universe: Save the Light" is a 2D RPG that features most of the mainstays from the animated series, including Steven, his father Greg, his best pal Connie, and the Crystal Gems. It will also star original characters that have never been introduced in the Cartoon Network series and the mobile game, such as the game-exclusive Crystal Gem named Squaridot. In the upcoming game, Squaridot will be one of the allies of the antagonist, who has yet to be revealed.

The "Steven Universe" RPG will arrive on PS4 this month, to be followed by an Xbox One release next month. According to Cartoon Network, the game releases on PS4 in North and Latin America on Oct. 31, while the Xbox One version of the game will arrive a bit later on Nov. 3. For those who want to pre-order the game, it will be available for pre-purchase from Xbox Stores on Oct. 23.