'Stranger Things' Season 2 News, Spoilers, Updates: New Cast Members to Join Season 2; Which Fan Theories are Correct, According to Duffer Brothers

Photo: Twitter/Stranger ThingsStranger Things: Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) and Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown)

It came as no surprise to anyone when Netflix's summer sleeper hit "Stranger Things" was renewed for a second season. Its '80s-driven theme and its homages to classics like Steven Spielberg and Stephen King has propelled a huge fan base, who eagerly sniffed the ground for clues and hints for its upcoming second installment. Is Eleven dead? Is Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) incubating a second Demagorgon?

Fortunately, there are certain things fans can count on for "Stranger Things" Season 2: Its new cast members. Entertainment Weekly reported that Dacre Montgomery and Sadie Sink will be joining everyone's favorite ragtag group of kids. Montgomery will be playing a character named Billy, the stepbrother to Sink's character Max.

New characters in "Stranger Things" Season 2

Billy is described as "hyperconfident and edgy", a young Casanova, a huge drinker and a Camaro lover. But, behind that charisma is a "violent and unpredictable" persona. His stepsister, Max, sounds like the complete opposite: she's tough, confident, and boyish, but she's suspicious of everyone around her.

In addition to these new cast members, Joe Keery (Steve Harrington) and Noah Schnapp have been promoted to series regulars for "Stranger Things" Season 2. Hopefully, that's a signal that Will Byers won't find himself for an extended amount of time in the Upside Down again.

One casting update that fans are likely waiting for, however, is that of Millie Bobby Brown who plays Eleven in the thriller series. It may be recalled that the telekinetic-superpowered girl was seemingly "killed" when she vanquished the Demagorgon to save her friends. Brown herself refused to reveal whether she's still alive for "Stranger Things" Season 2, but guaranteed that the new season will be "fantastic" nonetheless.

What to expect in "Stranger Things" Season 2

With so many loose ends from "Stranger Things" Season 1, the Netflix show inevitably created the perfect environment for a petri dish of fan theories and conspiracies. Indeed, the Duffer Brothers have a general idea of what fans think about "Stranger Things" Season 2 and confirmed that some of the fans were "spot-on" in their predictions.

Previously, Netflix released a promo trailer for "Stranger Things" Season 2, which showed the potential titles of the upcoming new episodes. Fans quickly congregated on a Reddit thread to speculate on the happenings of the next season.

The Duffer Brothers didn't elaborate on which theories were correct, of course, but they did talk details of what to expect from "Stranger Things" Season 2. For one, the entire season will take place over the span of a week, and will explore the consequences of everything that's happened in Season 1.

No return date is set yet for "Stranger Things" Season 2, although several reports speculated that it will air on July 2017.

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