DSK Court Hearing Postponed

The court date for the highly anticipated sexual assault case of former IMF leader, Dominique Strauss-Kahn has been postponed until August 23, 2011.

This latest postponement is the second for the controversial case. Strauss-Kahn’s lawyers said they agreed to the postponement in the hope that prosecutors will eventually dismiss the case.

“We understand the District Attorney is continuing to investigate. We hope that by August 23, he will have reached the decision to dismiss,” they wrote.

Nafissatou Diallo, a maid at the Sofitel hotel, accused Strauss-Kahn of attempted rape when she came to clean his room on May 14, 2011. He denies the charges.

Prosecutors said July 1 that the case had weakened because the maid was inconsistent about her actions right after the alleged assault and she also lied about her background.

Diallo recently revealed details of the attack in exclusive media interviews, which have led to speculation regarding her motives for coming forward.

Former deputy chief of the Manhattan district attorney’s trial division told The New York Times, “My expectation is that she’s now speaking to the press because she has an expectation that the prosecution is not going forward with the case.”

The backlash from Diallo’s recent interview also questions her credibility. One source, at the Manhattan district attorney’s office, told the New York Post, “There’s so many inconsistencies now it’s incredible.”

Strauss-Kahn has denied the allegations and the Manhattan district attorney’s office made no immediate comment.