'Street Fighter V' April DLC Update: New Student Costumes, Remastered Thailand Stage Coming

(Photo: Facebook/streetfighter)Promo image of Chun-Li in a school uniform costume as part of downloadable content (DLC) release coming April 25 as announed on the official Facebook page of "Street Fighter."

Capcom has just announced the iconic Thailand Stage that has been remastered for "Street Fighter V," along with school costumes for several of the characters. The new stage, plus the costumes for Ryu, Chun-Li and Juri, will come out on April 25.

Capcom has revealed the remastered Thailand Stage as part of the new content for April on their Capcom-Unity blog on Tuesday, April 18. According to the announcement, "The Thailand Stage is where we all first met M. Bison, the evil dictator and head of Shadaloo, in Street Fighter II."

"The stage's intricate bell and statues have been carefully recreated in SFV with great detail, as well as the stage's memorable theme," the news post added.

The new Thailand stage is available as a paid downloadable content (DLC) costing $4, or 70,000 Fight Money, and will be put up for purchase on Tuesday, April 25.

Three premium school costumes are also revealed for Ryu, Chun-Li and Juri. The concept art for these cosmetic updates were previously revealed on the "Street Fighter" panel on Wondercon 2017.

Ryu's costume will be that of a student gang leader, complete with a long coat with a Dragon versus Tiger motif. Chun-Li's school costume could not be more different, representing her as an Honor Roll student. According to the announcement, "She only has the highest standards for herself and always aims to be the top of her class."

Juri's school costume, meanwhile, goes for the goth look with a plaid skirt and ripped leggings. The news post describes the new look. "As you can see, Juri really pulls off the black lipstick and nails. The team had a lot of fun creating a Gothic schoolgirl look for her. We especially love the spider on the back of her jacket!"

Each costume will cost $4, for a total of $12 for all three characters. Like the aforementioned Thailand Stage remaster, the new costumes will also be available for sale on April 25.