'Street Fighter V' News: Blanka Will Be a Good Character for Beginners to Use, According to Capcom

Blanka will feature excellent mobility inside the game
Capcom UnityBlanka's ability to move around quickly will help him excel inside 'Street Fighter V'

Blanka is the next character who will be added to "Street Fighter V's" roster. And according to Capcom he is one that beginners may want to try using.

Spotted recently by EventHubs, new information related to Blanka has turned up on the CFN website.

First off, it was revealed that Blanka's stats are pretty average across the board, except when it comes to his mobility. The stats suggest that he is going to be highly mobile in the game, and that should allow him to both quickly avoid attacks and use moves of his own within a short window of time.

Owing in part to his ability to move around easily, the developers are recommending Blanka to those new to the game. The developers noted that his controls are easy to grasp as well, and that should only serve to make him more appealing to those players who have not really spent that much time enjoying fighting games.

For those who want to learn more about Blanka's moves, they can check out this post on the Capcom Unity blog.

Veterans of this fighting game franchise will still be able to use Blanka's old moves, though developers have added some new abilities to keep this character fresh.

Inside "Street fighter V," Blanka will be able to use Wild Hunt, a command grab that features him jumping towards an opponent, landing some scratch attacks and then launching that enemy away from him all in one sequence.

Blanka's two V-Triggers are Jungle Dynamo and Lightning Beast, and they are great additions to this character's arsenal. His Coward Crouch V-Skill is useful for both evasion and closing distance, while his Critical Art, known as Dynamic Rolling, is utterly devastating.

Players can obtain Blanka as a standalone purchase for 100,000 Fight Money or $5.99. He is also included in the Season 3 Character Pass.

Blanka will be officially added to "Street Fighter V" on Feb. 20.