'Street Fighter V' News: Fans Will Have to Wait a Little Longer for the Next DLC Character's Arrival

Identity of next 'Street Fighter V' Season 2 DLC character to be revealed 'soon,' according to developers
Facebook courtesy of Street FighterFour more DLC characters are set to be revealed for 'Street Fighter V's' Season 2

Four more downloadable content characters are expected to be added to "Street Fighter V" over the course of Season 2, and unfortunately for players, they will have to wait some more before they can try out the next one.

In a recent post on the Capcom Unity blog, developers talked about potentially holding another beta test for the Capcom Fighters Network so that they can gain a better idea of what needs to be done to further improve it.

Developers wanting to make sure that the CFN is working exactly as intended is obviously a good thing, though it does mean that players will need to exercise some patience as well.

Later on in the post, developers revealed that the planned balance update as well as the next Season 2 DLC character are being developed for the new CFN, and thus, they cannot be released until the CFN update is also ready to be deployed.

This now means that "Street Fighter V" players will have to wait beyond this month for both the balance update and the new character to be released along with the CFN update, though the upcoming roster addition is expected to be made playable during the possibly upcoming beta test.

While the new DLC character may not be ready to be released in full just yet, developers have already indicated that the identity of this individual will be shared "soon," and fans already have some ideas.

In a recent post, EventHubs listed three different characters who could end up becoming the next DLC addition, with those being Goutetsu, Byron Taylor and Won Won.

For now, fans can still look forward to finding out who will take up that next character slot sooner rather than later, and hopefully for them, they will not have to wait much longer after that to use this new roster addition inside "Street Fighter V."