'Street Fighter V' Season 3 DLC Characters Could Include Sakura, Sagat

'Street Fighter V' versions of Sakura and Sagat may differ significantly from how they were depicted in 'Street Fighter IV'
Facebook courtesy of Street FighterSeason 3 of 'Street Fighter V' may feature some familiar faces being added to the game's roster

The second season of "Street Fighter V" has brought some fresh faces into the fold - characters that even long-time fans may describe as new. However, the next season could be quite different.

Recently, the folks over at EventHubs have been highlighting earlier comments made by a user going by the name of "Flowtron."

That may seem unusual, but the reason why it is not is because this fighting game fan has come up with some pretty accurate predictions in the past, including ones related to the already released Season 2 downloadable content characters.

It is unclear if "Flowtron" has inside information or has just gotten extremely lucky, but this user's comments are certainly eye-catching.

That is why other predictions from "Flowtron" that have yet to come to fruition may be worth paying attention to as well.

As EventHubs noted in a recent article, "Flowtron" has indicated that the remaining Season 2 DLC characters are going to be Menat, Zeku and Abigail, the last of which is now looking more like a possibility in light of a character page for him being discovered by Redditor "Johasthan."

That is not all, as "Flowtron" has even provided some predictions for who may be added to "Street Fighter V" over the course of Season 3.

According to this user, Season 3 may include both Sagat and Sakura being added as DLC characters.

Many players have been calling for Sagat and Sakura to be added for a while now, but developers have yet to indicate that they are about to do so.

Notably, even if Sagat and Sakura are added, "Flowtron" hints that they may differ from how fans may remember them from "Street Fighter IV."

If these predictions from "Flowtron" pan out, the future of "Street Fighter V" could prove to be very interesting and perhaps those additions may even be enough to get more fans onboard.